Verdugo Hills Autism Project; Social Skills Groups

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Van Nuys, Los Angeles, CA, United States
14619 Haynes Street Los Angeles California 91411 US

Verdugo Hills Autism Project has various locations and programs….

ntegrated Sibling and Peer/Parent Training Model

The goal of this program is for children to learn how to develop meaningful social relationships and gain mastery in social skills in a supportive learning and engaging environment. VHAP’s Social Skills Program provides structured opportunities for children to master their social skills and communication deficits as a result of their diagnosis. Children will learn to utilize both functional and relative skills of social interaction. These skills are fundamental to developing meaningful social relationships.

VHAP social skills groups are committed to meeting children at their individual developmental levels.

Parents are essential in promoting and supporting their child’s ability to generalize social skills in social milieus.  Therefore, parents’ groups and parent participation are an expectation of this social skills program during each session.  Age-appropriate peers and/or siblings are incorporated into the group for peer modeling.  Peer modeling provides parents and group facilitators an opportunity to observe and develop each child’s identified social skill deficits, which constrict their ability to further develop social relationships.

VHAP’s Social Skills Program is designed to create opportunities for children to practice emerging social skills with parents and peers in a group setting. Trained professionals facilitate the groups and support:

  • development and generalization of social skills
  • learning of coping strategies for self-regulation
  • practicing effective social communication
  • parents in becoming effective guides for their children

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