Teen to Young Adults-The Gathering Place (Social Skills Group)

Hawthorne, CA, United States
4427 West El Segundo Boulevard Hawthorne California 90250 US

This unique, comprehensive program provides a nurturing environment for teens and young adults with autism to develop social skills for their daily lives.

About The Program


Teen to Young Adults-The Gathering Place serves teens ages 13-17 and young adults ages 18-22 who have been diagnosed with autism


A group of six to eight participants meets with facilitators in a safe, supportive environment to gain the skills they need to initiate and sustain friendships and to feel comfortable in social settings.


The program is 24 weeks long. Goals are established during Initial Assesment. A Progress Report will be generated at the end of the 24- week session.

Young Adults (18-22)
Thursdays 6-8 pm

Teens (13-17)
Saturdays 10 am-12 pm


13405 Inglewood Ave #5
Hawthorne 90250


Topics Include

  • Why socializing and making friends is important
  • The differences between a friend and an acquaintance
  • How to exchange phone numbers and follow through on setting up a get-together with a friend
  • How to share about your weekend outing or special event and continue to engage a friend in conversation
  • How to plan an activity as a group and create a comfortable social setting
  • How to express interest in another person during a conversation
  • How to join a conversation already in progress
  • How to discuss topics outside of one’s own area of interest
  • How to bring daily activities – such as going to the market, the bank, or the movies – into a conversation (older group)
  • How to deal with bullies at school, work or in a social setting
  • How to read facial expressions and body language
  • Group members will identify what they do well and what others do well in order to understand that each member has different strengths.


Criteria for Group Members and Parents

Group Members

  • must have some language.
  • must not display aggressive, impulsive behaviors.
  • must not have any serious medical conditions or toileting issues.
  • must not require a one-on-one aide.


  • participate in an intake consultation during which their child’s strengths and weaknesses are identified and established.
  • complete a consent form allowing group members to exchange telephone numbers in order to arrange get-togethers.
  • participate in a monthly parent meeting for an update on what group members are learning, what is coming up, and how they can support their child.
  • Actively support their child in the social skills group. (Accommodations can be made for special family circumstances.)
  • provide accurate, up-to-date information for their child’s data sheet on file, including all emergency contact information.
  • prioritize their child’s consistent attendance to ensure the formation of a cohesive group for socializing.


Group Information


13405 Inglewood Ave #5 Hawthorne 90250
Thursdays 6-8 pm (young adults)
Saturdays 10 am-12 pm (teens)

Group Size

6-8 participants
1 facilitator and 2 co-facilitators
Typical peer volunteers


$60.00 per session
Westside Regional Center Vendored
Superbill for Out-of-Network
insurance available


Ruby V. Paparello, MA, MFT
(310) 767-6554