Steps2wellness / TiaMarie Smith-Harrison

West Los Angeles, CA 90025, USA
2001-2013 Beloit Avenue Los Angeles California 90025 US

Holistic Family Educator
Certified Holistic Health Consultant

TiaMarie Smith-Harrison is a family educator that offers parenting support to the WHOLE family; integrating nutrition, education and wellness, which are three pivotal components to a healthy and balanced foundation. Your family will learn how these different areas are interrelated, how to develop a more comprehensive plan and how you can change your families’ by integrating these key components one is able to see a broader and more consistent change in each family as a whole. You will acquire significant knowledge about your child’s developmental and/or ailments he may be experiencing. You will be provided with nutritional recommendations that are tailored to your family’s individual needs. Designing a new and healthier way of life with guidance and support each step of the way. It’s time to make a change for your family, but it starts with YOU!

West Los Angeles and Surrounding Areas