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Vocational and Transition Services

In addition to offering educational services to students with differing abilities, Spectrum Center Schools and Programs develop individual transition plans (ITP), provide transition education and offer vocational training for students.

When developing customized vocational and transitional services for students with special needs, Spectrum Center focuses on:

  • individual needs and abilities
  • independent living skill development
  • personal interests and goals

Individual Transition Plan (ITP)

Just as Spectrum Center develops IEPs and behavior intervention plans based on each student’s needs, we also customize transition and vocational services based on a student’s interests and abilities. Collaboration with community partners presents an opportunity for students to gain experience through employment.

Transition Education

Spectrum Center incorporates transition education when developing IEPs for all transition-age students, generally 16 and older. Transition education helps each student set post-school goals and work toward individual career and life goals.

Vocational Services

At age 14, students begin preparing for independent living by working with coaches to identify strengths and vocational interests. Spectrum Center helps students prepare for independence in both their personal and work lives by providing on-site training as well as community integrated vocational programs. Through relationships with local businesses and organizations, Spectrum Center provides students with opportunities to work and gain on-site experience. These opportunities expand students’ experiences and provide the business community with positive experiences working with skilled, special needs students.

WorkAbility Program

Spectrum Center provides eligible students with access to the WorkAbility program services, including vocational assessments, career counseling and guidance, and career exploration activities. Through the program, students who are identified for paid work training learn skills related to resume writing, interviewing, and finding and keeping a job. They also receive on-site training and supervision from professional job coaches. The WorkAbility Program pays student wages during training and continues to provide ongoing support after students transition to the employer’s payroll. Multiple Locations, visit the website for more information.

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