Quality Behavior Solutions, Inc.- Socialization Groups

Sylmar, Los Angeles, CA, United States
12996 Norris Avenue Los Angeles California 91342 US

Social Skills Training Groups:  Structured peer groups designed to provide instruction and practice of various social scenarios including bullying, making friends and conversational success.  Parents are provided information on each lesson and encouraged to incorporate concepts into their child’s daily routine. ​

Sibling Playgroups: This fun group provides an opportunity for the siblings to be the center of attention!  It includes activities, information and access to peers sharing similar experiences. ​

Facilitated Playgroups:  Bridging the gap between isolated play, our facilitated playgroups focus on the foundation of social learning: observation, imitation, turn-taking and parallel play. Groups are limited to few children allowing distinct attention to skill acquisition and behavior management.
Community Groups: This group incorporates social outings in the community designed to provide opportunities to observe typical peer models and increase socially significant skills in environments that are fun for our kids