Margaret (Meg) J. Bezuch MFT, Registered Intern #86882

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Los Angeles, CA, United States
100-128 West 1st Street Los Angeles California 90012 US

What I do…

I help kids.  I help them develop skills to manage their anxious, sad, and angry feelings and discern those feelings that are often the result of bigger issues—such as learning disabilities, academic issues, parental separation, divorce or remarriage, peer issues, and/or other sources of stress or trauma.  I help adults.  I help them through difficult transitional periods–from personal struggles with identity or emotions to individuation, relationships, and LGBTQI issues.  I also help people work through personal traumas, including being in a relationship with a person that has a substance abuse history.  I also help couples.  I help them learn to respond and work with each other and on their relationship, instead of just reacting to each other in a cyclical pattern.  I help them slow down and pay attention to how they communicate with and to each other, as well as how to understand their own individual pattern and behaviors, and how they impact their partner’s so they can more effectively and empathetically move towards each other instead of away.
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