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Van Nuys, Los Angeles, CA, United States
14619 Haynes Street Los Angeles California 91411 US

Offices in Multiple locations (Alahambra, Bakersfield, Bishop, Camarillo, Covina, Long Beach, Santa Clarita & More)

Our range of services are delivered by credentialed behavioral health professionals. All services provided by California Psychcare take place in either the home, school or somewhere in the community that is meaningful for behavior change to occur for the family. Each setting is one-on-one and developed to meet the specific needs to the child. Our range of services include:

  • Intervention – Early intervention is key for combating the long-term effects of autistic disorder on a developing child or adult. California Psychcare offers several intervention services including:
  • Infant Services Unit – Infants with autism or other developmental disability will need an intervention to ensure they develop their cognitive, social, language, motor and adaptive skills properly. Our early infant intervention services will help parents bond more effectively with their infants and toddlers as well as help the infants and toddlers narrow their developmental gaps through structured and unstructured daily interaction
  • Child Intervention – While autism can be identified by 18 months, the majority of children are diagnosed around 3 years of age or later. Our team works closely with parents, schools and pediatricians to develop integrated care for children with autism and their families
  • Adolescent and Early Adult Intervention – Our adolescent and early adult services focus on important issues like sex education, developing social skills needed for intimacy and friendship and teaching skills for a job
  • Adult Intervention – Adults with autism, or ADHD, can experience anxiety, depression, eating disorders or other mental health disorders. We work with psychiatrists, psychologists, MFT and Social Workers to address any issues that can arise, to the best of our abilities
  • Behavior Assessment – We offer assessments that are developmentally appropriate for the individual undergoing them. We offer two tracks for conducting assessment: 1) assess the child’s behavior or 2) helping the parents understand autism
  • Intensive Applied Behavior Analysis Services – The goal of our intensive behavioral services is to address any core skill deficits while increasing the social communication abilities of those with autism
  • Group Home – Our Group Home services increase the quality of life for adults or children. We offer a positive support plan that aims at reducing problem behaviors by establishing alternate methods that increase functional independence.
  • Tutoring – We can help students with autism who are struggling in school to have better attending skills to complete their assignments in a timely manner.
  • Obesity Clinic – Our Obesity Clinic provides education and support for health and obesity concerns in the autism community. Families are educated on methods and topics like monitoring caloric intake and how to manipulate exercise levels utilizing behavior interventions and tactics
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