Big Fun Therapy & Recreational

12500 Beatrice St, Los Angeles, CA 90066
12500 Beatrice Street Los Angeles California 90066 US
Welcome to BIG FUN Therapy & Recreational Services
BIG FUN is the ultimate playground for special needs individuals of all ages. We offer families throughout southern California occupational therapy services, gymnastics, and social skills classes including social skills training for autism. First-class individual sessions as well as group classes are conducted on a daily basis.
We strive to promote the integration of children and adults with disabilities into all aspects of life using recreational activities as a process to address and improve motor planning, organization of behavior, and sensory integration.
Our goal is to provide students the opportunity to break through the boundaries of presumed limits by creating a world of excitement, discovery, and self-confidence within a safe and nurturing environment. Students are carefully matched with instructors who use sensitivity and compassion to help students feel skilled, competent, and capable of mastery.