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A message from our founder.
Helen Mader, M.A., BCBA

I am personally dedicated to helping children with autism and other special needs to receive the highest quality ABA services available through our comprehensive ABA training and treatment programs. Why am I committed to ABA as the treatment of choice for children with autism spectrum disorders? Well, at Behavior Frontiers we have used ABA methods to help non-verbal children learn to speak, children without social skills learn to make friends, aggressive children eliminate their problem behaviors, and so much more.

Families are continually amazed at how well our interventions work and this is due to the fact that ABA is based on scientific principles that hold true for all behavior. ABA methods are so effective because they use children’s motivation to help them learn new skills, such as communicating, sharing, taking-turns, and being flexible. Using this proactive and positive approach, children with autism can learn appropriate ways to interact and form relationships with others. The focus on rewarding “good” behavior makes using ABA methods a fun and enjoyable experience for all.

At Behavior Frontiers, we continuously strive to make sure that we deliver accurate and up-to-date ABA services so that all those who interact with children with autism and other special needs have the most powerful tools available to help these children meet their goals. I invite you to learn more about the unique ABA training and treatment programs that we offer at Behavior Frontiers so that you can see how we can help you to make a positive difference in a child’s life!

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