Ability First: Employment Programs

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Employment Programs

AbilityFirst provides opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities to learn job skills, and find gainful employment, either at one of our three AbilityFirst Work Centers, or directly with a company, such as Ralphs, Knott’s Berry Farm, AEG and DirecTV.

Employment Services
This AbilityFirst program provides the support an individual with a developmental disability needs to find a job commensurate with his/her skills and abilities, and succeed as an employee working in the business world. To ensure a smooth transition, we provide pre-employment training to help equip adults with important job and workplace skills. Our job placement staff carefully evaluate both the prospective employee and the job at-hand to ensure that each person’s abilities and skills are matched to specific employer needs. Then employment specialists, who work right alongside each new employee, assist in supervision and provide on-the-job training. Read more about our supported employment program and staff training (PDF).

For more information about Employment Services, contact Eddie Zhang at (562) 570-3661